Tucson Carpet Cleaning – Tucson Pet Odor Removal

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Pet stains and odors are no laughing matter. What appears to be a small stain on top usually is much larger down below. Here’s why.

Like an iceberg, you only see the top 10% of the pet stain And much like an iceberg, the largest part of the problem lies below the carpet, in the padding and sub floor. Just treating the top 10% means 90% is virtually untouched. We have 3 options the chose from to meet everyone’s individual needs.

Option #1

We add the strongest pet odor neutralizer in the industry and apply this to the affected areas. After cleaning the carpets thoroughly we apply a deodorizer to finish this process. This method is about 40% effective and will not remove the pet odor for good as the odor is most likely in the pad and sub-floor. To remove the odor, the source of the odor must be completely removed.

Three Papillon Puppies, Continental Toy Spaniel, 1 mounth old, on a blue background

Option #2

We rinse the spot thoroughly with water by using a special extraction tool. We apply our deodorizing enzyme treatment. Enzymes will attack the bacteria that causes the odor. Once the enzyme treatment has taken affect, we rinse the area out with the special extraction tool that is specifically designed to remove the urine and deodorizing enzyme treatment from the padding. By removing most of the urine from the padding & sub-floor we are eliminating most of the odor as well. However, since the padding has pockets like a sponge and the sub-floor is porous & will hold odor, we can’t remove the odor 100%. This method is 80-90% effective and may not eliminate the pet odor completely. People that choose this method are very satisfied.

Option #3

We pull back the carpet in the effected areas and remove all affected padding. We seal the sub-floor with odor counter acting sealer, replace the old padding, re-install the carpet we previously pulled back, treat the carpet with our deodorizing enzyme treatment and rinse the carpet thoroughly. This method is 90-100% effective.